We have to come back. Our dog has buried all his bones and treats outside our cabin.

Pets are welcome at Timberlane. 

We know how important it is to have the “entire” family enjoy a summer vacation. Our cabins are set up so that you can relax with your pets.  Our furniture and bedding is pet friendly.   We completely understand if your pooch wants to cozy up with you on the sofa, daybed or hide under the covers.

For your convenience, a basket of towels will be left in your cabin to clean off your pooch after a play date on the beach and in the lake. 

Your pets can be off leash unless the grounds are very active, then we may request that you leash your pet.  At this time, we do not offer pet daycare.

Yes, we have treats, doggie life jackets, and lots of sticks and balls for fetching.  Paths on our timbered property provide a great afternoon hike with lots of chipmunks to chase into the bushes.